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What causes hair loss in Women? A Detailed Study

what causes hair loss in women

Hair loss in women is getting more and more common in modern times; there is a lot of mis-information out there that causes people to use products and drugs which they really don’t need to, especially if they understand what causes hair loss in women, as explained below:

Hair loss in women is thought to be caused from various reasons, understanding them fully, will allow you to make a regime, to resolve this fully, and even recover the lost hair eventually (for men, this is also possible to some extent, but much harder).

  • Hormone imbalance is a major factor in hair loss; if you have this, then you are sure to have some form of inflammation that is affecting hair growth. You can resolve this by going on a protein diet as well as getting some treatment from a doctor. The protein diet will work to renew the hormones as well as starve them from all carbs, fats and sugar – this will force renewal of the organs that produce the various hormones.


  • Inflammation: Diet rich in sugar will affect hair growth in women and hair loss. It increases inflammation and this inflammation is a key cause in many people’s hair growth. Not only that, but it also dulls the appearance of the eyes and face.


  • Emotional Instability: Emotions have a direct impact on the hair and skin. If someone has gone through a lot of emotional trauma very regularly, then they will see some hair loss. This can be anything from a break-up with a boyfriend, or divorce, or other similar situations which one has not learnt to manage. To recover from such cases, taking B-complex daily will help – and will also build a barrier from stressful situations, and not let you get as affected as you normally would.


  • Shampoos: There are many commercially available shampoos which cause more damage to hair than helping them. Most of these shampoos are the ones that talk about building fuller and thicker hair – these shampoos tend to artificially thicken the hair shaft, which can induce inflammation – also the parabens and other ingredients in these shampoos can affect hair growth – so make sure you choose a shampoo that is not like this and is a simple shampoo that cleans hair.


  • Nutrition: If you aren’t eating enough nutrition, which many people aren’t, then you won’t be able to have good quality hair; not only that, but your hair will thin over time. The food you eat is what will build the hair and skin. You need collagen to build more hair and better quality hair. This can be sources from good quality bone soup, and also supplements of collagen (do both).

There are many ways to stop hair falling in women – if you understand the above and work on improving the way you handle your lifestyle, it will surely help a lot – and you can also look at hair products which are targeted for actual hair growth, and not just getting fuller hair (which, as you now know, can actually be harmful than good for hair) – please see our homepage and blog for more information on this, as we have recommended a handful of such products that help.

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