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List of Thicker Hair Falling Remedies for Women 101

thicker hair remedies for women

There are many hair growth remedies out there, some work, some don’t and some really can mess up your hair; we have filtered through the world’s biggest lists of hair growth remedies, from the far east, in ancient China, to the furthest west, USA.

Not only that, but this list is created with Eastern medicine (Chinese, Korean, Indian, Japanese) as well as the latest scientific research on hair growth and genetics you can imagine.

This is specifically designed for women with thinning hair, and the remedies are as follows: 

  1. Scalp Care: This is a very fundamental part of any hair thickening remedy. The scalp has a difficult time to circulate blood in a constant manner, and over time, this gets blocked with arterial plaque. This also further hardens due to chronic scalp inflammation, and this worsens hair growth and increases hair thinning over time.

To Resolve: Massage your whole head, including neck. The duration should be as long as you can, up to 40 minutes a day. Ideally you should build up the time you scalp massage from 3-5 minutes a day. Some people scalp massage up to 3 times a day and have seen significant results.

Troubleshooting: Scalp massage can cause bruising if done for very long periods of time. Or temporarily increase inflammation. This is perfectly normal and washing with cold water will help.

Bonus: Scalp massaging using oils can do miracles for your hair growth. But you need to know how to select the right kind of oil for hair growth – hint: it is not coconut oil, olive oil or any essential oil – read more on the best oils for hair growth to support your scalp massage.

2. Nutrition Intake: As you grow older, nutritional intake is harder to absorb. Not only that, but recent years farming practices has diluted nutritional density for all foods. This is why a huge amount of chinese herbal formulas have stopped working and need to be re-designed for modern times.

To Resolve: There are ways to increase nutritional absorption and stay looking youthful and young. This is done by various methods and they include the following:

  • Bone Broth: This is powerful and medicinal in nature. It is so good it can be taken every single day on its own. Some people even go on a bone broth fast, where they eat only bone broth for 30 days to 6 months (as it contains high nutritional density). Make sure you buy high quality bones for making this.
  • Collagen: Taking the right collagen supplement is vital. There are many types of collagen supplements out there, and not all of them are effective.
  • Vinegar: Diluting organic fruit based vinegar in water, and drinking quarter a glass once a day; (do NOT drink more than once a day) make sure you know the best type of vinegar to buy or use, as apple cider vinegar is not good for this. What this does is breaks down the plaque built up in the stomach lining, liver and kidney, and they work better than they would normally – in chinese medicine, hair growth of the head is related to the Kidney energy, and this has a direct relation with the way hair grows on the head.

3. Exercise: You heard this a million times before, but I bet you still do not know fully, and to what extent this actually means. Fun fact: Most people believe they have a healthy lifestyle including exercise and diet; this is one major problem that stops people from improving their lifestyle.

The point is that the human body is NOT designed to sit for more than 20 minutes at a time without moving; if it does, then you have started aging faster than you normally would. Although this is not a precise science (it more of an art), you would need to be aware of what exercise means, and forget everything you ever knew about exercise and relearn.

To Resolve: This article is focused on remedies, so we cannot go into enough detail on the exercises – but, to start – you must focus on cardio, muscle, ligaments as well as lung capacity – focusing on one type, will not do anything significant for your health which is constantly in decline from the moment of birth, and it is possible to reverse biological aging, it needs to be done with a lot of attention to detail.

Many longevity techniques focus on ligament training, and believe this is the way to generate energy so the body can regenerate thicker hair and beautiful youthful looking skin – we have already enough scientific evidence to know that Yoga and Qigong, are both ligament strengthening exercises – doing them for longer durations is the key to unlocking their true power, rather than 2-3 minutes at time.

Same applied for cardio – staying in the same slow paced jogging will only increase your risk for heart attack (yes, really!) – you need to be doing various methods, speeds, intensities, so the body cannot guess what is to come, and get breathless, expanding lung capacity.

Lung capacity expansion helps deal with stress and anxiety – which is one of the top hair killers on the planet – also the most under-rated hair killer you will ever find. Do not take this point lightly, as this is very vital to actual long term success in stopping thinning hair.

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