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Ultimate List of Thicker Hair Fall Remedies for Men 101


mens hair growth guideIf you haven’t done so already, I recommend that men also read the woman’s hair growth guide as this applies also to men – and this post will build up from that post – reason being, men’s hair thinning issues are a little more complicated to fix, or at least to stop progression of further hair loss when compared to women.

The reason for this is partly due to hormone imbalance (we have more testosterone)- ratio of the hormones being incorrect, as well as the fact men tend to have higher chances of other issues like diabetes and similar problems which make it even harder for the hair loss issue to even stop, let alone be corrected and fully cured.

That said – it is possible to stop hair loss with the correct regime – but the problem is, it is up to you to find out what regime will work for you – and how aware you are of your lifestyle and the problems it could be causing for your hair and skin, let alone serious health conditions.

  1. The most important aspect of any hair growth regime should be scalp care – scalp massage – be it with oil, or not, this will be the key in making the difference in the end (especially when you have taken care of lifestyle diet related issues, as hair cannot grow if you always are on a very high blood sugar level – hair simply falls out when blood sugar is constantly high from carbs, fats and various types of sugar (including natural sugars) – this is the hardest to take in for most men, especially the ones that have the problem with sugar (I was one of them) – Read More here about changing this.
  2. We have already discussed nutritional intake in the women’s section – please be sure to read this – as we talk about the supplements essential to take and this is applicable to all men as well as women.
  3. Exercise regimes are talked about so many times, it has made our eyes numb to responding to it – as most people on average, think they are healthy and exercise enough or correctly – exercise is not just about movement, any animal can do that – but to consciously be aware, what movement is for what purpose, is another level of exercise, this needs to be understood to the full extent, otherwise, you are kidding yourself if you want to heal from any sort of condition, let alone hair loss.
  4. Detox regime is vital for any human being whether they have thinning hair or not – just the ones with thinning hair, need to urgently build a plan – because this is what will help correct hormone imbalances (apart from diet and exercise, as well as nutrition). For example, if the Liver is not able to detox the body at full capacity, due to being overloaded with toxins – hormonal toxins will also be stuck there – meaning the body will detect there are certain hormones already present, and fail to produce more hormones in the right way, for keeping the body healthy – this is just the tip of the surface of what detoxifying the body can do.

Detox can be done with certain diet, but also certain methods of supplement and procedures like                 baths (salt) and various other methods – we will cover this in other articles on the website but this               guide is to explain the importance of each.

If you found this guide helpful, please do share it with friends and family, as this not only helps hair growth and skin renewal, but also helps internal organs for a better quality of life for all age groups.



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