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Hormone Fixing and Rejuvenating Diet for Men and Women

hormone-fixing-dietWe have talked about the hormones affecting hair growth and preventing hair regrowing in men and sometimes women – but we never went into detail about what exactly you need to do, in terms of diet, to help renew hormones, balance hormones, and give strength back into the body – using nutrients.

It has to be understood,┬ámost people have sugar based diet – so their body is adjusted to take energy from sugar first, and then anything else – this is fine – but does not help hair growth, hair loss, and anyone with any sort of hormone problem including insulin, thyroid etc.

To change this addiction to carbs and sugar (which keeps hormones in a certain way, making it harder for hair growth and renewing the body) – the body needs to be starved from them – and the only way to do this safely, is to go on a beef based protein diet, combined with leafy greens.

Beef is the primary source of protein (lean beef) because of many reasons – but the main reason is that it is the most bioavailable to the body than any other protein on the planet. Yes, if you are a vegan, or a vegetarian, you may not like hearing this – however you can try this yourself, then looking up research online (because you will find strong arguments for both sides online) – try a protein supplement based on plant material for 20 days (2 times a day) and try a high quality (organic) beef based collagen supplement (2 times a day) – within 10 to 20 days, you will see that the collagen supplement based on beef quickly changes the tone of your skin, and hair growth speed or hair texture.

This simple experiment will show you, and prove to you, what is what – because there is way too much information noise out online – with way too many extreme opposing opinions which both sound very convincing – but ultimately, you should pick what works for your particular body, as each person is different.

The protein diet is done for 2-3 months to renew the body and help balance hormones – you cannot eat any carbs, fat or sugar (processed or natural) – exercise at this time is highly recommended as this will increase circulation of blood, which will only speed up the cleaning and renewing of the internal organs.

If the diet sounds too harsh, or difficult to do – then you can get close as possible to it – add steamed vegetables and plenty of steamed greens – steaming is important to allow easier digestion, and making it easier on the liver and spleen (as they do not digest well if the veggies are raw for this specific diet – again, i know many people will have statements to say, about raw food eating – as many people have promoted raw food eating in the past – but in this diet you cannot do this).

There was one person who walked up to me asking where will all the nutrients come from, if mostly what you eat, is beef – and I was shocked at the question, as I thought it was naturally understood, that beef has all the amino acids we need, already close to our own bodies in-fact, so it will not take much time or effort for the body to convert them for the use of the body – the same would be very hard to do with vegetables (whilst veggies still are important) – so I thought it should be repeated here, as this is not always commonly understood.



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