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Hair Growth and Cannabis Use Correlation you did not Know

hair growth and cannabis

There is a lot of promotion by activists and natural medical communities about the benefits of cannabis, and how it can tackle inflammation, and reduce it from seriously ill patients, such as ones going through chemotherapy and other painful situations – but not much is talked about from the adverse side of hair growth and loss, related with cannabis.

So can using Cannabis work with hair loss or helping hair growth in men and women?

Actually, it depends, but likely, that it won’t help, but be counter productive to hair growth in the scalp – this is because of the likeliness of over-using, as well as increased anxiety whilst not actually using the drug.

If you are an occasional smoker, it may help dealing with stressful situations, or if you smoke only for pain relief (medical), it may help, but overdoing can increase anxiety and heart rate, and this is when you have to stop (ideally before this even happens) – hence why doing this too regularly, is not recommended.

But doesn’t it depend on the strain of cannabis on what symptoms it will do?

Yes and no – long term, the symptoms still can produce high levels of anxiety, or depression – this can be dealt with a healthy and very active lifestyle of exercising regularly and keeping busy in other areas of life.

The method of taking cannabis also depends on your health – if you smoke it, this is fine if you use full capacity of your lungs when exercising (you basically get very breathless when you exercise – that’s how hard you exercise 3-4 times a week) – then you should be fine, and lungs should be clean.

If you already have a lung condition, then perhaps another method should be used.

That said, this alone will not be enough for actual new hair growth;┬ábut this still helps change major habits like emotional stability, and staying relaxed on times when you really need to be relaxed – and busy and active when you need to be active.



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