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Does hair growth shampoo work?

herbal remedies uk Hair growth shampoos have been a growing market in the UK as well as USA and Europe – from Germans producing their own brands of caffeine shampoos, to various oils, creams and pills have been made – some that support hair growth, some that do nothing.

The problem is, identifying these shampoos and products from just the list of ingredients is not enough – because a lot of these companies use really well known ingredients, and mix them up in the shampoo or pill form, and sell them as a product – problem is, most of these won’t work as they do not have enough scientific backing to see if the ingredients cancel each-other out or not.

This was understood in ancient China and ancient Japan – master herbalists take years to master the art of seeing what herb and ingredient will work with what – in western medicine and health, this is not yet understood, and they still seem to mix all ingredients together (unless very obviously not good together, usually for preservation reasons rather than any other) – and they wonder why they don’t get results.

Shampoo companies like Pantene, often boast about the ingredients it is fortified with – but just adding an ingredient is not enough, and won’t produce results you are looking for in terms of hair growth and thickening. You have to have the correct hair remedies suitable for your exact body type – and it is different for males and females.

Often, the remedy is used as a tool to assist in helping hair growth, but you have to do some work. This involves observing diet, nutrition, exercise and more. Explained below.

Diet: A sugar and carb free diet is needed to get the best results. This means you eat lean meats primarily from beef with only leafy greens (no, not broccoli or carrots) – this will restore youthfulness in the body by saturating with high vitamins that are easily absorbed by the body. Be careful on eating fish and chicken, as they contain a lot of heat, and this can increase inflammation – beef does not contain this so it will be very beneficial.

Exercise: You need to make sure you do at least ligament building exercises (yoga, qigong) as well as lung strengthening one’s (cardio).   This mixture will help you a lot in getting results.

You also should do scalp massage which directly affects hair growth and unblocks blocked vessels in the scalp – this is important as those vessels are so small, they get blocked and unblocked very easily.

Once you have done that, you can consider using a remedy, or natural product for hair growth, as listed on our homepage here.



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