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Collagen and Hair Growth (A Study)

There is a lot of talk on collagen and hair loss (as well as skin beauty) – but does it really work for skin? what are the reviews by users who have used this over a period of time? and what does the science say about collagen use? Doesn’t collagen get broken down in the stomach so cannot be re-used in the body for skin and hair?

These are all the major questions asked by expert  – collagen is especially attacked very intellectually by this article here, stating there is no significant evidence from collagen from any of the studies done.

The problem with articles like the above – are that they are only talking about studies done and available to the public – most studies which are done very thoroughly never really reach the public eye – this is because companies spend millions on research, why would they give this research out to the public to just take?

I can go on about this article and speak for collagen in a million ways – but I ask that you buy a beef based collagen supplement (powder form, not pill) – and take two big tablespoons of this, twice a day – and after ten days, if you do not see any difference in your skin tone and complexion – then stop taking it – it should be hydrolyzed beef collagen.

This supplement, when taken in the right amount and frequency can change your life – your hair, and your skin – totally.

But wait – collagen breaks down in the stomach – why even take it?

Yes it breaks down in the stomach just like any other nutrient when eaten. The reason this works however, is several – one main reason is, it gets absorbed in the right ratios for the body to quickly convert it into using it for creating its own collagen.

We have been able to recreate a virus just from its magnetic signature present in another part of the world – you think the human body cannot recreate collagen from something very bioavailable for the human body?

Anyway – because tests and studies are limited and everyone seems to attack these – I urge you to do yourself a favour and order one beef based, hydrolyzed collagen for two weeks at least – this is one of the very few supplements that you will take, that actually you can see results very dramatically within days – and I won’t mention brand names, as I don’t want readers to think I am being paid for this post – collagen is not expensive either – maybe $20 or less for a good amount of supply – you owe yourself this at least.

No we did not put a picture of a pretty girl just to get your attention – we put it there to display that when we are younger collagen absorption is high – nutrition intake is also fast and absorbed much better than when we are older – increasing nutritional density by supplementing from collagen and a healthy lifestyle (including emotionally) is what will make you look similar – and glowing like when you were younger.

Yes – collagen and hair growth are very closely related – why?

Collagen is the building blocks of hair and skin (amino acids) – nutritional absorption is reduced over time – so even if you eat very healthy, you may not be absorbing your nutrients from the food you are eating (which may or may not be good quality in the first place) – you can increase your absorption by doing a detox, and carrying out certain yoga postures as well – but for instant nutrition bomb into your body, you need collagen – but yes, do the yoga, do the detox such as using nettle tea for detox – and also take your collagen.

If you don’t like supplementsand you really don’t believe memake bone soup – order organic beef based bones – and boil them very slowly (not high heat) for more than 24 hours – this will release the collagen from the bones – and into the soup – eat this for 2 weeks everyday – see the difference yourself.


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