Collagen and Hair Growth (A Study)

There is a lot of talk on collagen and hair loss (as well as skin beauty) – but does it really work for skin? what are the reviews by users who have used this over a period of time? and what does the science say about collagen use? Doesn’t collagen get broken down in the

19 Jun 2017

Hormone Fixing and Rejuvenating Diet for Men and Women

We have talked about the hormones affecting hair growth and preventing hair regrowing in men and sometimes women – but we never went into detail about what exactly you need to do, in terms of diet, to help renew hormones, balance hormones, and give strength back into the body – using nutrients. It has to

08 Oct 2016

Ultimate List of Thicker Hair Fall Remedies for Men 101

  If you haven’t done so already, I recommend that men also read the woman’s hair growth guide as this applies also to men – and this post will build up from that post – reason being, men’s hair thinning issues are a little more complicated to fix, or at least to stop progression of further

08 May 2016

List of Thicker Hair Falling Remedies for Women 101

There are many hair growth remedies out there, some work, some don’t and some really can mess up your hair; we have filtered through the world’s biggest lists of hair growth remedies, from the far east, in ancient China, to the furthest west, USA. Not only that, but this list is created with Eastern medicine (Chinese,

04 Apr 2016

Hair Growth and Cannabis Use Correlation you did not Know

There is a lot of promotion by activists and natural medical communities about the benefits of cannabis, and how it can tackle inflammation, and reduce it from seriously ill patients, such as ones going through chemotherapy and other painful situations – but not much is talked about from the adverse side of hair growth and

25 Mar 2016

What causes hair loss in Women? A Detailed Study

Hair loss in women is getting more and more common in modern times; there is a lot of mis-information out there that causes people to use products and drugs which they really don’t need to, especially if they understand what causes hair loss in women, as explained below: Hair loss in women is thought to

16 Mar 2016

Does hair growth shampoo work?

 Hair growth shampoos have been a growing market in the UK as well as USA and Europe – from Germans producing their own brands of caffeine shampoos, to various oils, creams and pills have been made – some that support hair growth, some that do nothing. The problem is, identifying these shampoos and products from

07 Jan 2016

Finding Home Remedies that Actually Work

The problem with herbal remedies is that it is almost impossible to find one that works for you – why does this happen? This happens because the formulas were written a long time ago, and our herbs of today, are much less potent as they were even a hundred years ago. In fact, some expert

28 Dec 2015
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