Natural Home Remedies for Hair

There are a lot of home remedies for thicker hair, be it for growing new hair, regrowth, thickening or just speeding up hair growth naturally – there are hundreds of thousands of remedies for hair, but which ones work or at least have the most chances of working?

This is where our team comes in – independent organization setup to discover natural methods for taking care of your hair.

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Is hair a dead part of the body?

home remedies for hair

Yes, hair is an apparent dead part of our body (although some studies suggest it may not be fully dead), but it seems to affect our beauty (at least in individual views) and we want to keep it looking youthful and healthy, just like the rest of our skin and body – there is nothing wrong with wanting that; it can only boost your confidence, and therefore quality of life.

The strange part of hair is, that recently, scientists cannot seem to define where the hair is dead, and where it is still alive – as they are still trying to understand, how the hair that is already grown, can turn white from the tips (without any kind of dye, bleaching or harsh environment) – so now they have taken back the statement that hair is a dead part of the body – as this is not fully understood anymore (or at least once thought).


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